Our Approach

As a boutique asset management firm, we understand the need to provide differentiated investment solutions to institutional investors.  Our unique approach to dividend growth investing is designed to meet specific client objectives, and we seek select institutional partners who share our desire to provide these creative investment strategies for their clients.

In addition to our commitment to our Investment Process, we are equally committed to the client solutions we bring our institutional partners through upfront and ongoing client support, timely information to support investment strategies, and access to “decision makers” for strategy and/or client support.  We believe in a dynamic model for client support and remain open to how mutual goals and objectives can be met to enhance our key institutional partnerships.

Who We Serve

VIP seeks to provide institutional investors a unique approach to dividend growth investing through our Target Income Growth strategies.  These strategies are designed to fulfill a core approach within portfolio construction when the desire is to have attractive risk/return characteristics balanced with current income and income growth within a high active share portfolio.  Each strategy offers a different combination of current income and expected income growth so that solutions can be tailored to fit the specific objectives of different clients. Available via Separately Managed Account (SMA) and Sub-advisory agreements, we create partnerships through intermediary or direct client engagements.


Registered Investment Advisors • Family Offices
Broker-Dealer Financial Advisors • Corporate/Public Pensions