We aspire to help you invest wisely in your future so that you can live your life, and pursue your dreams, with confidence and peace of mind.


Our Process


We help you develop a vision of your future that inspires you.


We help you create a financial plan for making your vision a reality.


We put an investment strategy in place to finance your plan.


We provide ongoing counsel to ensure things stay on track.

Who We Serve

We serve people who are looking for growth and income from their investments as well as a long-term relationship with a trusted adviser. Whether individual investors, couples or families, our clients are people who care deeply about their financial future. They have decided to hire an investment professional to help them plan their future and manage their investments, so that they can live their life and have time to do the things they love to do. They also tend to be patient and conservative investors with a long-term perspective and a desire not to spend each day worrying about the ups and downs of the stock market.

We appreciate the opportunity to serve and educate our clients’ families, and our intention is to serve as a trusted adviser to our clients during their entire lifetime as well as for future generations. In order to provide our clients with the personal attention and focus they deserve, we limit the number of families we serve. Our clients typically have, or expect to have, investment assets of $1 million or more. 

Client Profiles

Professionals & Business Owners

Many of our clients are business owners or professionals such as attorneys, physicians, veterinarians and dentists who tend to have very hectic lifestyles. We have found that they need someone to help organize, plan and manage their financial lives. [read more] 

Individuals & Couples Planning for Retirement 

We work with individuals and couples who are saving for retirement as well as those who are already retired and looking for a way to finance their retirement lifestyle. We develop a financial plan and construct dividend growth portfolios in both cases, but for clients who are still saving and don’t need the income, we reinvest the dividends. [read more] 


We have found that the women we work with tend to be different from men when it comes to investing. They like the idea of a conservative investment approach that is straight forward and that is designed to generate a growing income stream each year, regardless of what the stock market is doing. [read more]

Recipients of Sudden Wealth

A number of our clients have acquired their wealth suddenly due to the death of a spouse or parent or from an insurance or divorce settlement. Receiving sudden wealth can provide new opportunities, but it also brings up many questions. [read more]

Client Benefits

Verity Investment  Partners

A clear vision of your future.

Verity Investment Partners

A comprehensive financial plan to achieve your vision.

Verity Investment Partners

An investment portfolio designed to provide meaningful monthly income,
annual income growth, and long-term capital appreciation.

Verity Investment Partners

A trusted adviser to guide you and your family and keep your plan on track.

Our Story

"I was very fortunate to meet my wife, Paula, 50 years ago in nursery school. We did not rush into marriage right away, but we have the good fortune of being happily married for the past 27 years. We moved to Beaufort, SC from Cincinnati, OH in 2001 to be closer to my father, in his later years, and to raise our three children in one of the most beautiful places in the world. We started VIP in early 2002 in order to provide investment management services to a limited number of individual investors and their families. Our intention from the beginning has been to treat our clients as we would want to be treated – professionally and with complete honesty and respect." [read more]        

- Will Verity, President & Managing Director

Our Team

Will Verity

Paula Verity

Jon Verity

Andy Anderson

  Andrew Jones  

Nancy Harvey

Joe Costigan

Michael A. Klaiber