Here are some of the most frequently asked questions. If you
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or 843 379-6661.

As a client of Verity Investment Partners (VIP), who actually holds my assets?

When you work with us, your portfolio will be held in your account and in your name by an independent and well-established custodian such as Charles Schwab Institutional. The custodian provides monthly statements as well as internet access to your account 24/7. Having an independent custodian provides a check and balance by separating the management of your investment account from the custody of your account.

Is VIP registered with the SEC?

Yes, Verity Investment Partners is an SEC registered investment advisory firm under the name Verity & Verity, LLC.

How does VIP charge for services?

We are a fee-only firm, and our annual fee is generally 1.0% of assets under management. 

Is there an account or relationship minimum?

Our minimum account size is generally $1 million though we reserve the ability to make exceptions in certain situations – particularly in cases where the beginning amount is less, but the longer term intent is to add to the portfolio.

How do I get started?

In order for you to assess whether our approach is right for you, we invite you to set up an initial consultation so that we can better understand your current financial situation and your future investment objectives. Based on this information, we can provide an assessment of your existing investment portfolio in terms of how well it addresses your objectives, and we can identify what we would do differently. Our objective is to get to know you and to give you enough information about us and how we would approach your investments, so that we can each make an informed decision as to whether it would be mutually beneficial to work together.