Professionals & Business Owners

Verity Investment Partners Serves Veterinarians

Many of our clients are business owners or professionals such as attorneys, physicians, veterinarians and dentists who tend to have very hectic lifestyles. We have found that they need someone to help organize, plan and manage their financial lives. These clients generally have an income stream that is directly tied to the number of hours they work. We help them develop a passive income stream from their investments that will grow each year and that is not tied to hours worked. When this passive income stream increases to the point that it can fund their lifestyle, then their work hours become optional. 

Individuals & Couples Planning for Retirement

Verity Investment Partners Serves Couples and Families

We work with individuals and couples who are saving for retirement as well as those who are already retired and looking for a way to finance their retirement lifestyle. We develop a financial plan and construct dividend growth portfolios in both cases, but for clients who are still saving and don’t need the income, we reinvest the dividends. This dividend reinvestment serves as another source of savings. For clients who need to take distributions from their portfolio, the dividend income can be distributed on a monthly basis to meet their living expenses. We set up a money link that enables a fixed amount of cash to be transferred to their checking account each month.


Verity Investment Partners Serves Women

We have found that the women we work with tend to be different from men when it comes to investing. They like the idea of a conservative investment approach that is straight forward and that is designed to generate a growing income stream each year, regardless of what the stock market is doing. Peace of mind tends to be more important to them than beating a market index. They also tell us that they like having a trusted advisor to help them plan for their future and navigate life’s twists and turns.

Recipients of Sudden Wealth 

Verity Investment Partners Helps in Cases of Sudden Wealth

A number of our clients have acquired their wealth suddenly due to the death of a spouse or parent or from an insurance or divorce settlement. Receiving sudden wealth can provide new opportunities, but it also brings up many questions. How should the money be invested so that it can be passed onto future generations but still benefit the current recipient? How should we think about our financial future now that we have these additional assets? We have found that our investment approach is very helpful in these situations because generally these clients want to be stewards of the wealth they have acquired and preserve the principal rather than spend it. The growing dividend income stream from the portfolio can be used to make distributions to the current generation while preserving the principal for future generations.