Will Verity, Paula Verity, Verity Investment Partners

Verity Investment Partners was formed in 2002 to provide investment management services to select individual clients and their families. Having started the firm on the tail end of the Tech Bubble, we wanted to address the need of our investors for an approach that would involve less volatility and more predictable outcomes – especially during retirement. The search for a better way led to a focus on “dividend growth” investing – i.e. investing in dividend paying companies that have a consistent track record of increasing their dividends each year. In developing this investment approach, we were pleased to find that these dividend growth companies as a group had outperformed the market over the long-term with below market levels of volatility. We believe the reason for this is that the dividend growth requirement produces a biased selection of conservatively managed companies whose earnings and cash flow are growing and predictable – even in diverse economic times. Over the years, we have refined our dividend growth approach by creating portfolios that have specific goals for current income and income growth. Known as our Targeted Equity Income Strategies, these portfolios provide our clients a unique approach to dividend growth investing resulting in attractive risk/return characteristics and importantly a dependable and growing income stream to meet their specific needs. Whether your goal is to meet income needs while minimizing the depletion of principal and/or long-term wealth creation, we appreciate your interest in our approach and look forward to sharing more about the benefits of working with the VIP team.


Will Verity, President & Managing Director